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Photo Gallery

2018 Photo Albums

St. Patrick's Day Feast 3-17-2018 by David Day

Pier BBQ #1 5-06-2018 by David Day

Lunch Aboard Diamond Seas 5-17-2018 by David Day

70th Anniversary Pier Opening 5-24-2018 by David Day

More 70th Anniversary Pier Opening by Dave Gellatly

Youth Sailing 2018 Session 2 by Ralph Thompson

Humma Humma Party 6-29-2018 by David Day

Pier BBQ #3 7-14-2018 by Dixie Smith

Ports of Call Dinner 7-22-2018 by David Day

Santanarama Aug 4-5, 2018

Summer of Love 1967 Party  8-31-2018

Summer of Love Party Video

Roundup at Indian Village 9-08-2018 by Ralph Thompson

Lobster Fest 10-14-2018 by Dixie Smith

Commodore's Ball 11-09-2018 by David Day

More Commodore's Ball by Dave Gellatly

2017 Photo Albums

Bingo, Burgers & Beer Buffet 3-15-2017 by David Day

More BBBB 3-13-2017 by Dave Gellatly

Mardi Gras Family Dinner 4-12-2017 

Pier BBQ 1 5/06/2017

Pier Opening 2017 - David Day

More 2017 Pier Opening Photos - Denise Foderaro

Tacos & Beer on the Pier - 5/25/2017

Pier BBQ 2 6/11/2017 by David Day

More Pier BBQ 2 by Denise Foderaro

Youth Watersports Session 1 First Day

Humma Humma 6-16-2017 by Denise Foderaro

Humma Humma 2017 by Dave Gellatly

Pier BBQ 3 7-01-2017 by Dixie Smith

Ports of Call Dinner 7-15-2-17 by David Day

Pier BBQ #4 7-29-2017 by Denise Foderaro

Youth Watersports August 2017 by Ralph Thompson

Youth Watersports 2017 Week 8 by Denise Foderaro

Santanarama 2017 August 12 & 13

Concours Pier BBQ 8-13-2017 by David Day

Dining with Spirits Dinner 8-28-2017 by Dave Gellatly

68th Labor Day Mercury Regatta by Dixie Smith

Author's Night 7-12-2-17 by David Day

More Author's Night 7-12-2017 by Denise Foderaro

Pier BBQ #6 9-17-2017 by Denise and Dixie

Pier BBQ #7 10-01-2017 by Dixie Smith

Lobster Fest 10-15-2017 by Dixie Smith

Commodore's Ball 11-18-2017 by David Day

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