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Stillwater Yacht Club

History of the Stillwater Yacht Club

The Stillwater Yacht Club was founded by Matt and Mimi Jenkins in 1948.   Their house stood on the site overlooking Stillwater Cove, which is now the 5th hole of the Pebble Beach Golf Course, and their property included a small log cabin which served as the SYC clubhouse.

The first official meeting of the Stillwater Yacht Club was held on the first of July at the Jenkins’ home.  Mr. John B. Morse, Chairman of the Nominating Committee announced as Officers Commodore Matt Jenkins, Vice Commodore Edward Holt, Secretary-Treasurer William T. Mahar and Governors John B. Morse, William L. Hudson, and Jon Konigshofer.

The first Board of Directors formed a Membership Committee, a Race Committee and Entertainment Committee.  The dues were set at $50 per member per year, with an additional $50 for all boat owners, the purpose of which was to create a fund to be used for possible boat housing and servicing equipment.

An old local character named Cap Johnson had already set in some mooring sites in Stillwater Cove and a pier had been built long ago by the Del Monte Properties Company. The first item purchased was a hoist for the boom at the end of the pier.  

The next matter of business was to establish a 4th of July party and race, for which John B. Morris authorized the Secretary-Treasurer to purchase up to $50 of fireworks, to be paid for by the Del Monte Properties Co.  The party would include a Children’s BBQ on the beach at 7:00 pm and an adults’ BBQ at 8:00 pm in the Beach Club.

The Charter Members of the Stillwater Yacht Club were:

Mr. Matt C. Jenkins   
Mr. Jon Konigshofer
Mr. W. L. Hudson   
Dr. Henry A. Randel
Mr. Edison Holt       
Mr. William T. Mahar
Mr. Tom Bunn
Mr. Tirey Ford
Mr. Stuart Haldorn
Mr. Gerrit Henry Jr.
Dr. C. B. Gorham
Mr. John B. Morse
Mr. S. F. B. Morse

While there have been many changes to Pebble Beach, the Beach Club, Carmel, and everywhere else, the Stillwater Yacht Club’s traditions are relatively unchanged.  The three pillars of the Stillwater Yacht Club – Membership, Yacht Racing and Social Activities are the same today as they were in 1948.   In 2016, 68 years after our founding, Stillwater Yacht Club members still enjoy beach BBQ’s and, to a lesser degree than originally, yacht racing.  Indeed, all Officers of the Stillwater Yacht Club in 1948 were required to be sailors and the Race Committee were honorary members who paid no dues.   This is no longer the case.  These days the Commodore and all Board Members pay the same dues and party fees as other members.

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